Palm Beach Post Article of this Rebuild

Would you like a new home but wouldn't dream of changing your location?

Have you been dreaming about a new home but wouldn�t dream of giving up your magnificent view, neighbors, and most of all location, location, location!  Remodeling seems like a good idea but then again contractors will be in and out of the house all day long and then shutting off the water in the middle of your morning shower. 

Adding some square footage seems simple enough, it shouldn�t cost too much, right?  Not entirely true.  If you remodel over 50% of the appraised value of the house then all aspects of the house have to be brought up to the current building code.  This includes but is not limited to:  electric, plumbing, air conditioning, windows, etc.  The existing home also may not be built according to the current flood elevations which will decrease your house value and is dangerous during Florida �s periods of inclement weather. 

Then there are all of the gut-wrenching unforeseen circumstances that seem to arise everyday.  Nearly no contractor will give a fixed price on a remodeling job, especially for an older home.  A majority of remodeling contracts will be a cost plus contract which can escalate in price in a matter of minutes.  A remodel that seems simple will quickly turn into a costly stressful experience.  Is there no other option? 

Actually there is another option.  Why not tear down the existing house and build brand new from the ground up?  When building new there will be a fixed price and you know exactly what you will get for the money you are investing.  The lot will be inspected by an engineering firm for soil content and will be made to the proper flood elevation the municipality requires.  Your new home will be built to meet and/or exceed the current building codes.  Numerous plans are available and customizable to make your dream home a reality! 

Mike Munz Construction, Inc. has experience in tear downs/ re-builds in the Gold and Treasure coast locations of Florida .  Click above for an article in the Palm Beach Post about a re-build we did in North Palm Beach .

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