Saving energy is important when building a new home.

Please see the features sheet for a full list of energy saving features in respective series homes.

The most cost effective ways in Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie Counties to increase your home energy efficiency is to reduce glazing in the building, install window shading and use windows with lower U and SHGC values, upgrade the efficiency of the right sized air conditioner SEER, use a right sized heat pump higher HSPF, install radiant barrier in the attic, upgrade ceiling insulation, install ceiling fans, install programmable thermostats, install energy efficient light bulbs and upgraded wall insulation and use all EnergyStar qualified appliances.

Other non conventional methods are also available with higher cost and longer recovery times. We recommend that all home buyers ask for upgraded energy saving features.

Energy performance and rating  Ask About ENERGY STAR

Mike Munz Construction, Inc. is proud to offer our customers  homes that can earn the ENERGY STAR label.  ENERGY STAR labeled homes are independently verified to meet EPA's strict guidelines for energy performance and deliver significant energy and cost savings.  Simply put, our homes with a BOP (Florida Builder Option Package) are better for the environment and better for you.  Learn more about ENERGY STAR labeled homes at

To be able to receive the Energy Star™ Label, a final on site performance test is required by a Energy Star Certified Rater.

EPA Energy Star Program

You can now change energy saving features in your home. At customizing plans we can select a package of improvements. It is also advisable to have an energy rating done to your new house.  

Please read carefully the Energy Performance Level (EPL) Display Card that is available from your builder. 

 Code requires every new home to meet Estimated Energy Performance Index.

Here is a link to Florida Energy Rating info.

* Estimated savings based on air conditioning, heating and water heating energy costs over a home built to meet the state requited efficiency code. Actual savings will based on the quality of materials used, number of people in the home, life-style, house location and weather fluctuations.