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This is a timely subject. It encompasses a most misunderstood part of the new home building industry ... THE THIRD PARTY WARRANTY!

Virtually all of us are familiar with most common insurance coverage. What most of us have never heard of are specialty products which are unique to the building industry. One of these is the THIRD PARTY WARRANTY which is supplied to the builder by either national companies or Florida Warranty Associations. No matter the source, the type of protection provided is substantially the same and equally secure.

THIRD PARTY WARRANTIES provide protections to builders but also contain protections for you, the homebuyer - because they specifically cover voids in both the builder's and the buyer's catastrophe protection.

What voids does it cover? The "All-Risk" homeowners policy that every homeowner carries is a very broad document. However, it does not cover everything! THIRD PARTY WARRANTIES are narrowly focused and cover specific things that the "All-Risk" policies ignore or exclude.

"All-Risk" policies ignore insuring the builder's warranty and providing a neutral third party dispute resolution mechanism. And, they specifically exclude 10 year protection against major structural defects. Conversely, THIRD PARTY WARRANTIES specifically provide protection in those three areas while excluding broad based coverage found in "All-Risk" policies.

What is equally unique to THIRD PARTY WARRANTIES is that they are only purchased by the builder. Therefore, the only way that a new home buyer can receive this protection is if they buy a new home from a builder who participates in a THIRD PARTY WARRANTY PROGRAM SUCH AS 2-10 HOME BUYERS WARRANTY. The modest cost of this "gap" coverage is included in the purchase price of the house as are any other forms of protection that the builder buys.

More and More builders strongly believe in the value of a THIRD PARTY WARRANTY for themselves and their buyers. They consider it to be a win-win-win situation, it's good for the builder, good for the buyer and good for the industry and they include its protection in every house that they build.

Some builders believe that a THIRD PARTY WARRANTY is an unnecessary expense and refuse to purchase it, while other builders may want to purchase THIRD PARTY WARRANTY protection but are unable to meet the stringent underwriting requirements for financial, technical and customer service performance.

Is a THIRD PARTY 2-10 HOME BUYERS WARRANTY important to you?

It should be! Because it means that your builder cared enough about you, his/her customer, to provide the missing coverage. Protections that can only be supplied in a THIRD PARTY WARRANTY by a quality builder who has qualified for membership in the 2-10 HOME BUYERS WARRANTY!